Customer Data Platform (CDP) Strategy & Implementation Services

Infoverity’s Customer Data Platform Implementation Services Help You Meet Your Marketing & Customer Experience Goals

Customers expect personalized experiences whether shopping online, interacting with customer service for a credit card inquiry, or even finding the right provider within a health network. Infoverity helps you choose, implement, and leverage your CDP with a holistic and value driven mindset.


Drive Business Value Through Infoverity’s Customer Data Platform

As businesses focus on driving the best possible customer experience, leveraging a customer data platform (CDP) becomes a must-have.

Analytics-driven deep understanding of customers

Plan customer interactions before they even happen

Increase customer satisfaction and sales

Provide personalized customer experiences

Benefits of CDP – Key Stats*

93% of companies using a CDP decrease customer acquisition costs.

89% of companies using CDPs see increased online sales and 78% see increased in-store sales.

90% of companies using a CDP see improvement in customer loyalty.

88% of companies using a CDP see improvement in cross-sell & up-sell sales. 41% of which saw significant improvement.

*Report: Level of impact of customer data platforms (CDPs) on success metrics in the United States as of August 2020; 101 respondents, among martech decision makers. Source(s): Advertiser Perceptions; Treasure Data;

“The professionalism that you [INFOVERITY] and your team have displayed, the persistency you all have shown, and the accountability that you all have demonstrated has impressed us tremendously. Thank you very much and I look forward working with you and your team on our CDP journey.”

– Chief Technology Officer – US Real Estate & Mortgage Software Retailer

Get the Most Value Out Your CDP with Infoverity’s Implementation Services

Infoverity provides end to end CDP implementation services including strategy, solution delivery, and ongoing support and maintenance services.

Centralize Customer Segmentation and Activation

Unify known and unknown (anonymous) customers and enable marketing to activate audiences across the customer journey.

Drive Iterative Value

Drive business value quickly and build small wins to meet greater goals.

AI & ML Driven Insights

Create lookalike customers, detect churn risks, and create multi touch attribution models to understand marketing efficiency.

Leverage Our Customer Data Platform Experts & Trusted Advisors

Build the “right” technology solution to meet your desired business outcomes.

A Logical Representation of Core CDP Functionality

Infoverity partners with each unique client business to provide end to end CDP solution guidance, from data discovery through daily marketing operations.


Key Functionality of Customer Data Platforms

Maximizing CDP Benefits Across Industries

Let us help you understand how to best leverage a CDP for your unique business!

Retail & Consumer Goods

Drive increased sales and unified experiences across in person and digital channels.


Improved patient satisfaction and build connected experiences across visits and digital touch points.


Offer the right vehicle to the right customer. Proactively promote vehicle service.

Life Sciences

Understand and personalize messaging to healthcare providers (HCP), pharmacies, and more.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Identify connected businesses and create lookalike customers of largest purchasers.

Financial Services

Move from an account-centric to a customer-centric business. Streamline AML and KYC processes.

Infoverity can help you choose, implement and leverage your CDP

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