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How to start your
data-driven journey

Determining how to begin your Enterprise Data Management journey can be overwhelming but not all progress on your journey needs to be lengthy or expensive – there are low-cost, low-effort solutions that you can implement today to get started.

The first questions you ask yourself at the beginning of your data-driven journey

There are so many ways to improve business processes and data quality, knowing where to start can sometimes be the trickiest part of making progress. You might be asking yourself some of these common questions:

  • How can I consolidate my customer and product data following a merger or acquisition?
  • How can I justify having ERP, PLM and PIM tools?
  • How can I begin to pivot my business to sell directly to customers, in addition to other businesses?
  • How do I demonstrate an ROI?
  • How do I choose a data platform?
  • How do I enable supplier onboarding?
  • How do I increase the speed of product time to market?
  • How do I enable adoption?
  • How do I improve customer experience with personalized content?
  • How can I deliver a strategic initiative that requires master data when the MDM platform I have in place is not working for me?
  • How do I invest in data?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions


Steps to start your data-driven journey

In the current fast-paced business environment, data has become the key to unlocking untapped potential and gaining a competitive edge. By following the next 5 steps to start your data-driven journey, you will be able to deliver tangible business value quickly, while laying a solid foundation for scalability.

Focus on Business Outcomes

Wherever you find yourself on the road to maximizing the value of your data, the most critical aspect of your approach is focus. Aligning on specific, measurable business goals you need to achieve, and the order and priority of achieving those goals is the key to making your journey a success.

Find a Right-Sized Solution

The team at Infoverity has a number of offerings that can help you along the way, whether it be determining how to invest in your enterprise data, implementing tools to realize a return on your investment, supporting your tools and processes, or assessing how your business needs have changed over time. Depending upon where you are on your journey, we can tailor a solution to get you to the next level.

Plan Your Transformation

If you are ready to plan your transformation, we can do everything from providing thought leadership to help you select the right tools to achieve your business objectives, outlining a roadmap for what you want to achieve by when and what the returns on your investments would be over time, and putting in place Data Governance processes and tools to help you pinpoint specific pain points within your data.

Implement Your Transformation

If you are ready to begin changing your processes and tools, we offer FlexiFrame® QuickStart implementations, which allow you to start showing an ROI to your key stakeholders and sponsors within 12 weeks. We can also help you rationalize a phased implementation approach, so that you continue to deliver value incrementally over time.

Mature Your Transformation

If you are already leveraging sophisticated tools to support your data management business processes, but you need specialized support to maintain your day-to-day operations, we can provide Operational Services. Also, if your requirements have changed over time, we can assess what has been implemented, compare that with your current needs, and offer solutions for you to continue to maximize your investment.