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Retailers aim to connect customers to products.

In today’s rapidly changing economy, customers have more options than ever before. It’s not enough for retailers to have products that customers desire, or a well-known brand — businesses are competing for customer attention across different channels. A complete 360-view of customers, products, and suppliers is at the forefront of data management for retailers in order to:

  • Streamline business operations
  • Deliver a personalized, unified customer experience
  • Accelerate new product onboarding 
For retailers to have this complete view across all channels, they must be able to connect data across in-store interactions, support inquiries, order history, and digital touchpoints.

Healthcare Key Stats


The International Data Corporation predicts that by 2025, 75% of retailers will fully integrate order and inventory data and optimization against fulfillment, improving conversion by 10%, customer satisfaction by 50%, and reducing cost to serve by 25%.


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How We Can Help the Retail Industry

Customer Experience and Insights

Enable your marketing and CX teams to deliver personalized customer experiences across channels, leverage machine learning and automation, and connect interactions across digital and offline touchpoints.

PIM QuickStart

Remove siloed business processes by leveraging our pre-configured automated workflows to onboard and launch new products faster, enable data quality and governance practices, and operationalize business efficiencies.

Build a Data Foundation for Success

Drive efficiency and business insights by defining the process, people, and technology and data governance framework for running your business. Ensure data consumers across operations, reporting, and analytics trust their data.

Understand Your Customers

Gain more insights into your customers by consolidating data across all lines of businesses to deliver more personalized experiences, improve customer service, and enable predictive analytics to better manage inventory and supply chain operations.

MDM SaaS QuickStart

MDM SaaS QuickStart for Cloud Data Management helps clients quickly modernize their data management processes and benefit from consolidated master data. The QuickStart includes all project phases, from setup to deployment. By leveraging technical efficiencies and understanding complex business goals, Infoverity navigates unique client challenges to deliver valuable solutions.


Product Data Circularity

In the ever-evolving landscape of commerce, consumer decisions are increasingly focused on sustainability and responsible business practices. Organizations aim to enhance the purchasing experience by enriching product information throughout the product lifecycle. Product Information Management solutions, particularly Infoverity’s Product Data Circularity (PDC) modules, lead this transformative journey, benefiting industries like automotive, food and beverage, construction, and manufacturing.


Product MDM Implementation

Infoverity's innovative Product MDM solutions, featuring scalable data quality rules and automated workflows, transform the distribution, manufacturing, retail, and CPG industries. These solutions expedite product onboarding, enhance data quality, and integrate customer experience strategies, driving revenue growth, operational efficiencies, and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Retail Case Study

See how we can deliver the power of data to the retail industry