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The rationale for a data strategy project.

To digitally transform a business requires a significant investment of money, time, and strategic planning. Organizations that start with a clear strategy have a better success rate of achieving their desired outcomes. Comparatively, companies without a defined strategy often experience higher-than-expected costs and excessive delays. Without a strategy, businesses often realize too late that their technology and processes are not ready for the future. 


Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Strategy

An EDM Strategy is beneficial for clients who need to define how data will be leveraged to achieve business goals. For example, leveraging data to make a retail consumer more loyal to generate more revenue or adopting governance policies over enterprise data to reduce manual and duplicative efforts. Drawing on our knowledge and expertise, we help clients define an aligned value proposition, quantify business impacts, and outline a clear plan for achieving their data strategy goals.


Vendor Selection

With the vast amount of vendors on the market, knowing which offering will work best for your business is challenging. Many vendors promise more than they can actually deliver. That’s why we partner with customers to assist in the vendor selection process. We objectively advise clients ready to make an investment on a data management platform on what to buy so that the platform fits their needs and budget.

Implementation Blueprint

We also work with customers who have completed a purchase of a data management platform and need support in generating organizational buy-in and user adoption of the new technology. Our Implementation Blueprint provides a roadmap that ties together people, processes, and technology to enable a smooth transition to the new platform.

Health Check

To increase profitability, companies must be nimble, and constantly adapt and respond to ever-changing customer demands. Infoverity offers a Health Check to determine whether a company’s data management needs have changed significantly since implementation.

Health Checks can also occur as regular assessments of company data management platforms to ensure they are performing optimally and remain aligned to the operational needs of the business. Organizations with a strategy for their data and top-down support to guide implementations can see significant growth. That’s why Infoverity is ready and willing to assist companies with their data strategy.


93% of companies using a CDP decrease customer acquisition costs.


90% of companies using a CDP see improvement in customer loyalty.


89% of companies using CDPs see increased online sales and 78% see increased in-store sales.


88% of companies using a CDP see improvement in cross-sell & up-sell sales. 41% of which saw significant improvement.

MDM Case Studies

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