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Data propels digital transformation.

Digital transformation has become a matter of survival for many companies. However, most organizations are failing to achieve their digital transformation objectives and revenue growth goals from their digital investments. For digital transformations to succeed, high-quality data management must provide the backbone of analytic-based decision-making and expanded automation.

With Infoverity as a data management partner, companies can accelerate their digital transformation programs by creating sophisticated strategies supported with the right tools. With quality data, programs can far more easily realize revenue gains, enact corporate cultural change, and establish the technological foundations to ensure transformations lead to profound and lasting impacts.


Gartner has found that while 48% of respondents note that the primary objective of their business’s digital technology investments is to improve the customer (or citizen) experience, 37% report that they had fallen behind in delivering on this objective.

Fall below

Gartner has found that 59% of companies fall below expectations in speed to complete, and 52% fall behind in delivering on the speed to realize value.

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