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Whistleblowing Channel

Purpose of the Whistleblowing Channel:

  • Provide a secure and confidential means to report any wrongdoing, irregularity, fraud, corruption, or violation of policies within our organization.
  • Protect whistleblowers and ensure confidentiality, anonymity, and non-retaliation against those reporting legitimate concerns.

What can you report here?

Reporting Process:

  • Accessing the Whistleblowing Channel: You can submit a report anonymously or identified through this form, through our email or to our phone +1 (614) 701-9871 ext. 338
  • Detailed Report: Provide as much detail as possible about the report for effective investigation.
  • Confidentiality and Protection: We always guarantee confidentiality and protection of the whistleblower. No retaliation will be taken against those who report in good faith.
  • Follow-up on the Report: A specialized team will be assigned to investigate the report impartially and professionally.
  • Communication of Findings: Findings of the investigation will be communicated to the extent possible without compromising confidentiality or privacy of involved parties.

Non-Retaliation Policy:

We are committed to refraining from any form of retaliation against individuals who make reports in good faith. Any form of retaliation is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with utmost seriousness.

Data Protection and Confidentiality:

All information provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and handled in accordance with the GDPR and local laws applicable.

We appreciate your contribution to the integrity of our organization. Your courage and ethics are vital to upholding our standards of conduct and transparency.

For more details on our whistleblowing process, please refer to our Whistleblowing Policy or contact our Ethics and Compliance team.

Complaint Form

Complaints that do not contain the information necessary to verify and/or investigate the facts cannot be taken into consideration.


I have been informed that my personal data will be processed by Infoverity SL, with address at Av. Cortes Valencianas 58, 803, (46015 Valencia) Spain, to process my complaint. The treatment is legitimized by the public interest and compliance with legal duties. My data will be kept for the time necessary to make the decision whether or not to initiate an investigation, and will only be processed by those who carry out internal control and compliance functions. I can exercise my rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition and limitation by writing to the address indicated above, or by email addressed to the data Protection Officer ( If I consider my data protection rights have been violated, I may file the corresponding complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

Infoverity Whistleblower Policy

In an effort to bolster transparency and foster an information-driven culture, Infoverity has established a dedicated complaint channel accessible to both employees and third parties via the corporate website. It serves as a platform to report any irregularities or breaches, encompassing both external and internal regulations concerning matters impacting Infoverity, its personnel, contractors, or operational endeavors.

Users engaging with this channel commit to the responsible utilization of this tool. By way of illustration, but not limitation, users agree not to employ it for the following purposes: (i) Disseminating false information or information acquired through illicit or illegal means, contravening good faith principles. (ii) Inflicting harm on Infoverity’s physical or digital systems, its affiliates, or third parties; introducing or propagating computer viruses across the network or any other physical or digital systems, which could potentially result in the aforementioned damages.

How to file a complaint or make a communication?

  • Preferred channel for filing a complaint in Spain is the Whistleblower’s channel that you are accessing.
  • Fill in the information on the form. The Fields marked with a RED asterisk are required.
  • If you provide an email, this will be the communication channel that will be used to confirm receipt of the complaint and/or any other communication that may be necessary.
  • Upon submission of a report, the system will promptly generate a confirmation window acknowledging the receipt of the request.
  • All communications will be handled diligently, with confidentiality, privacy & security.

What content should be included in the complaint?

In any case and especially if the complaints are anonymous, it is important to include:

  • Clear and detailed presentation of the fact and moment in which the event occurred or has been occurring.
  • Identification of the country in which they have taken place.
  • Identification of the people involved with the issue reported or with knowledge of it.
  • Provide, if necessary, and after considering your complaint, documents, files or other information relevant for the evaluation and resolution of the complaint.

What is the process for receiving and processing complaints?

Complaints submitted through this channel will be handled with complete confidentiality and, when fitting, anonymity will be preserved. The HR Department is responsible for receiving these complaints. Depending on the nature of the issue, the individuals or entities implicated, the handling of the complaint will be overseen jointly by the individual accountable for compliance within the respective Business/Country and, if necessary, by relevant internal or external experts.


The purpose of establishing this complaint channel is to enable Infoverity SL, located at Av. Cortes Valencianas 58, 803 (46015 Valencia) Spain, to oversee the reception of complaints, conduct investigations into reported incidents, and implement appropriate corrective actions.

Personal data will be handled confidentially and will not be disclosed to any third parties unless essential for investigating the reported incidents, such as relevant individuals within affiliated companies associated with Infoverity.

In the case of an anonymous report, no processing of personal data of the informant will occur. However, should you voluntarily provide identifiable personal information, Infoverity SL will process both the complaint and the provided data for the aforementioned purposes and, additionally, if applicable, to communicate the outcome of the process.

The legal basis justifying this data processing is the adherence to legal obligations imposed on Infoverity. The data will be processed for the specified purposes for the duration necessary to conduct investigations in accordance with prevailing regulations.

You retain the right to exercise your privacy rights, including access, rectification, deletion, objection, limitation, and portability concerning the personal data you have furnished. You can do so by sending a written request, along with sufficient proof of your identity, through postal mail to the specified address, clearly identifying yourself as a user of the Infoverity Whistleblower channel form.

If you consider your right to data protection has been violated, you may file a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( or before the Data Protection Officer of Infoverity SL (