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Compliant business information management solutions.

In today’s cybersecurity and threat environment, risk management is becoming a vital part of how enterprises approach their security. However, many companies do not know how to properly manage their risks while still empowering business outcomes. Frequently, organizations underestimate and sometimes ignore the risks they face with their data and analytics practices, even in the face of warnings from security and risk management leaders within organizations.

High quality data management must be at the core of any effective risk management strategy. Security incidents that expose user or personal data can lead to damaging financial and reputational consequences for a business. Unless an organization knows where all types of sensitive data are created and live, effective security and risk management is impossible. While no software or product can make a company completely secure, implementing sound data management policies with a partner like Infoverity can help ensure companies prioritize the mitigation of unnecessary risk, while also still allowing the business to thrive.


According to a recent Gartner survey, SRM leaders believe they are unlikely to see budget cuts in cybersecurity, with over 80% anticipating an increase in their cybersecurity budgets in 2023. Forty-two percent of respondents expect their cybersecurity budgets to grow at a higher rate than inflation, while 41% of the respondents indicated that their budget will increase in line with inflation, keeping their purchasing power the same.


According to Gartner, Security and Risk Management (SRM) leaders mainly expect to derive speed and agility benefits from adopting technologies. Among the top value drivers for the technologies tested, 51% of technologies are expected to drive speed and agility of business processes, while 28% are expected to reduce risk exposure, particularly those related to endpoint and application security. SRM leaders perceive the deployment of application and data security technologies to be relatively lower risk, compared to infrastructure and perimeter security technologies. Respondents rated 40% of Infrastructure and perimeter security technologies as higher risk in comparison to 26% of application and data security technologies.

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