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Data management is crucial for expanding a customer base.

Growing and retaining a company’s customer base is more difficult than ever because competition for their attention and loyalty is at an all-time high. When dissatisfied, consumers can easily and quickly find other brands. Supporting an omni-channel relationship customized for each person is now table stakes, and customer service must have a complete memory of all interactions. To succeed in this highly competitive market, companies need data and analytics that provide them insights into their customers’ behavior and satisfaction.

For all these reasons, comprehensive, high-quality data management is central to growing and retaining customers. Infoverity is a trusted data management partner for organizations looking to get the most out of their data to proactively reach, retain, and expand their customer base.

More likely

Gartner research has found that if suppliers are able to consistently focus on improved interactions with their customers, they are 32% more likely to keep the competition out of their existing accounts.


Based on Gartner research, many customers are already accustomed to, and often prefer, digital interactions. This is especially true of millennial buyers — 54% of whom prefer a “rep-free” buying experience, compared to 29% among baby boomers.

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