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Compliance is challenging but managing it doesn’t have to be.

Compliance managers face an increasingly tough landscape. Externally, they must keep pace with changing regulations that vary greatly from country to country. Internally, they are often viewed as overly bureaucratic and impediments to growth. However, as privacy regulations expand across the globe, compliance managers will become more integral to business operations than ever before. To ensure their organizations have the proper controls in place to remain compliant with shifting regulations, compliance managers need data management to increase the automation of reports and auditing processes, and make compliance less of a burden overall. Infoverity provides compliance managers a data management partner that allows them to keep up with changes in regulations, educate staff on these changes and requirements, and track how data is stored and removed to ensure compliance.

Will struggle

Gartner estimates that through 2025, 90% of organizations that trade globally will have struggled to mitigate risks from sovereign data strategies and policies and incur costs that limit mission success.

The adoption

According to Gartner, by year end 2025, adoption of consent and preference management platforms will have doubled, driven primarily by shifts in the adtech ecosystem and the disappearance of third-party trackers.

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