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Simplifying The Complexities of Data Management Today

by Matt Wienke, President, Infoverity

I was recently invited to a fireside chat with Ajay Khanna of Reltio, an Infoverity partner.    As captured in the video below, we spoke about the complexities of data management today, and how it can be dramatically simplified.   We discussed diverse topics ranging from personalized hierarchies to information as a strategic asset.

Some other highlights of our conversation:

  • Business solutions are designed to provide clarity and context to the data you have, and companies should spend less time trying to find the right question and more time finding the right answer.
  • Multinational organizations have preferred providers of third-party enriched information. There are overlapping or duplicate instances or licenses of that information.    So challenge number one is just getting that information into a context and a presentation of relationships that’s appropriate for whatever that consumer of that information desires.
  • We’re seeing the emergence of the Chief Data Officer role with many of our clients. More than ever organizations are really dedicating expertise, business time and attention to stewardship of information.

Take a look, and let us know if you’d like our help with your company’s Master Data Management challenges: