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Infoverity Continues Growth

July 25, 2011: Infoverity are pleased to announce the addition of Andy Crago and Adam Sigg to our growing team of consulting professionals.   “We feel very fortunate to land these two exceptional talents to our company,” stated Matt Wienke, President.  “Folks with this level of experience and chemistry with our team don’t hit the market too often – when we find out they are available, we jump on them.”

Andy Crago has several years’ experience assisting clients with building an understanding of their information assets and establishing processes and technologies to govern them more effectively.  He has excelled in leading the interaction with client business and technical personnel in the interpretation of data profiling outputs and engagement with data governance policies and procedures, leveraging his Lean Six Sigma certifications.  He joined Infoverity July 1st as a Senior Consultant responsible for client solutions definition and delivery.

Adam Sigg joined Infoverity on July 25th as a Managing Consultant.  He brings a unique blend of MDM hub tech savvy and a no-nonsense style of interaction with key project stakeholders, frequently serving as a subject matter expert on data management engagements.  Since 2006 he has been responsible for leading key clients in the establishment of an enterprise customer definition, his specialty.  He has successfully led multiple Enterprise Information Management projects for several Fortune 500 clients.

“Andy and Adam continue our pattern of hiring deeply skilled, yet highly approachable professionals,” summarized Matt.  “We emphasize integrating with existing teams, and getting up to speed quickly by asking the right questions.   As we are all practicioners, it’s essential to establish credibility quickly and make a difference, but at the end of the day be the type of people that our clients respect and enjoy socializing with.   Andy and Adam bring values, skills, and a work ethic that reflects Infoverity’s own, and we are excited to have them aboard. “

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