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Great Advice For Newly Minted Grads Looking at Data Science Careers in the Healthcare Sector  

Both technical skills and understanding data within the business context are key

In a recent show on Silicon Angle TV, hosts John Furrier and Rebecca Knight asked their guests about the specific foundational and or advanced skill sets that newly minted grads should look at acquiring if they really want to get into data science and “ride the wave” in the healthcare sector.  Andy Crago, a Managing Consultant at Infoverity and Infoverity’s client Pinkrose Hamilton, VP of Business Intelligence at Hackensack Meridian Health, had some valuable advice.

Andy Crago, Infoverity:

“I think a lot of people get really technical with data, but they have to learn to understand data within the business context.  If you’re looking at a physician record, understanding the type of physician, maybe where the care was administered, you have to really think about what you’re trying to solve, and what are the pain points.  So it’s not about relational databases and writing SQL – you really have to understand the functional purpose of data within the business problem that you’re solving. There’s the bigger picture than just coding. There’s a whole data strategy that you need to consider, kind of plug-and-play as you go along.  Really understanding the data within the business context is key.”

Pinkrose Hamilton, VP, Business Intelligence, Hackensack Meridian Health:

“I’m so glad you asked that question, because I have a slightly different viewpoint from this. I have a daughter who’s a junior in high school and she’s preparing her career path.  She wants to follow Mom’s career path and wants to do data science, so it’s very exciting for me. You never expect your children to think of you as a role model. She picked up a few SQL classes early on in high school and I think that underlying foundation of coding is important.  When you’re leading the function, definitely having the business knowledge and asking the right business discovery questions – i.e. what is it that you do, how do you do it, what are your workflows and what do they look like – are key, but adding in that technical piece makes one the “perfect data science human” that I would look for as an employer.”  

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