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There’s a rumor going around that it requires anywhere from six months to a year to implement a Product Information Management (PIM) solution. The reality is this can be done in under 3 months!

Infoverity has implemented multiple 12-week PIM QuickStart implementations, enabling clients to modernize their product data management processes at a rapid pace and realize the benefits of consolidated product content. There are no smoke and mirrors here. Infoverity’s PIM QuickStart approach includes all the normal project phases, including hosted environment setup (if a cloud-based solution is desired), software installations, requirements gathering, solution design, configuration and build, testing, and deployment.

It’s all made possible by combining efficiencies from our extensive technical experience, including configuration accelerators, with our ability to parse complex business objectives. And, honestly, technology isn’t the challenge here. The challenge is navigating each client’s unique challenges and needs to define a valuable solution.

Five PIM QuickStart Benefits

Organizations who engage in a PIM QuickStart realize numerous benefits. While Infoverity tailors scope and project objectives to each engagement, below are five common benefits seen by our clients within 12 weeks:

  • Established Foundation   Standing up a PIM platform quickly enables data owners and stakeholders to show progress, build momentum within the organization, show near-term value, and set the stage for future solution maturity.
  • Business Experience   Using the system acquaints business users and data stewards with the functionality, exposes data enrichment possibilities, and enables forward thinking of how to enhance the solution with hands-on experience within the tool.
  • Data Consolidation   Reconciling information across the data ecosystem and consolidating in a single location provides immense value. PIM solutions bring data from siloed sources together in an organized manner, creating a singular view and improving ease of access.
  • Data Quality   Leading PIM solutions provide out of the box capabilities to cleanse, standardize, and organize data. Hierarchies enable attribution assignments by category, mandatory field checks can be implemented, and lookups aid in enforcing standardized data values.
  • Access and Visibility   Lifting up the hood to expose product information and reference data increases the ability of the business to make informed decisions and improve customer experience.

Path to Success

Everyone has heard of the “Crawl, Walk, Run” approach, but here we are essentially looking to streamline our PIM program to kick off in a “Walk” state. We focus on understanding key business objectives up front and getting the foundational solution in place to enable rapid hands-on learning and strategic decision making.

Our clients are enabled throughout the process, taking on as much ownership of the solution as they have appetite for. Infoverity’s teams effectively partner with clients to transition from “Walk” to “Run”, kicking product data modernization into high gear and accelerating business value.

Client Examples

Simplifying our clients’ data and maximizing its value is the backbone of every project at Infoverity. The following client success stories are recent examples of a PIM QuickStart providing rapid, significant organizational value in a three-month timeframe.

Apparel and Footwear Retailer  |  Decreased time to market and improved operational efficiencies by implementing a PIM solution which leveraged crafty data modeling and process engineering to:

  • Automate seasonal data carryover
  • Streamline the product onboarding process across multiple data authoring teams
  • Power a custom web user interface for simplified viewing of product information.

The platform included integrations with SAP and the client’s Product Lifecyle Management (PLM) tool, with automated data syndication from PIM replacing manual processes for making product data ready for eCommerce and B2B applications.  Numerous Infoverity accelerators were leveraged to ensure rapid time-to-value and meet timelines for other dependent programs.

Materials Manufacturer and Distributor  |  Improved customer experience with personalized product catalog pages populated from a mastered product content repository and integration with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).  A fully operational PIM platform was deployed, legacy product data was migrated, and new business processes were put in place to streamline data authoring.

With experience and partnerships across virtually all major PIM software solutions, Infoverity is able to help clients define their specific path to success in any platform.  We enable clients to realize business value quickly, become strategic around their product information, and step on the gas towards data nirvana.  No matter the challenge, Infoverity is the right partner to navigate the waters of data management and business process improvement.

Interested in learning more? You can also download a PDF info sheet on the PIM QuickStart.

About Infoverity

Founded in 2011, Infoverity is a leading systems integrator and global professional services firm driven to simplify and maximize the value of their clients’ information. Infoverity provides MDM and PIM Strategy and Implementation, Data Governance and Analytics, Content Management, Data Integration, Enterprise Hosting, and Managed Services that help large enterprises in the retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, financial and healthcare sectors. Infoverity, a 100% employee-owned company, is on the Inc. 5000, recognized by IDG’s Computerworld as one of the Best Places to Work in IT, as a Wonderful Workplace for Young Professionals and as a “Best Place to Work” by Inc. Magazine and Business First. Infoverity’s global headquarters is in Dublin, Ohio, the EMEA headquarters and Global Development Center is in Valencia, Spain. Additional offices are located in Germany and India.

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