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Recent research from both Gartner and the Ponemon Institute found that IT downtime can cost companies as much as $9000 per minute or $540,000 per hour, including direct, indirect and opportunity costs.  Optimizing system performance and efficiency is needed to reduce the potential costs and risks associated with MDM-specific integration into any enterprise environment.

With the Flexiframe™ System Health Check, Infoverity provides a holistic review of system performance to identify and correct the six most common root causes for slow MDM application performance:  

  • Too Many Match Rules and Columns  – Too many match rules and columns leads to an exponential increase in runtime. Increased runtime slows down the entire system while the process is running and delays delivery of data to user.
  • Many Duplicates  – Duplicate data leads to wasted space, lower performance (more data to scan) and potential confusion later if the duplicates are not kept in sync.  
  • Hot Spots  – Hot spots are the result of overly complex design which slows down system performance and leads to inaccurate data.
  • Slow Read/Write –  Slow storage media performance impacts read/write and database read which causes application delays and degrades system performance. 
  • Low Thread Count –  This usually indicates poor utilization of the processor. In a multi-thread system, a low thread count means idle processing power.
  • Logging Set to Debug Mode –  Logging set to debug mode universally slows down software because more time is spent writing the log entries instead of working.

Companies that address these common root causes of system slowdown can stay ahead of the curve as these issues are addressed before they become bigger problems.  

For more information, download this PDF Infoverity Flexiframe System Health Check, or contact Infoverity today to speak to a Consultant about your business needs.  

About Infoverity

Founded in 2011, Infoverity is a leading systems integrator and global professional services firm that provides MDM and PIM Strategy and Implementation, Data Governance and Analytics, Content Management, Data Integration, Enterprise Hosting and Managed Services that help large enterprises in the retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, financial and healthcare sectors to simplify and maximize the value of their information. Infoverity, a 100% employee-owned company, is on the Inc. 5000, is recognized by IDG’s Computerworld as one of the Best Places to Work in IT, as a Wonderful Workplace for Young Professionals and as a Best Place to Work by Business First.  Infoverity’s global headquarters is in Dublin, Ohio, the EMEA headquarters and Global Development Center is in Valencia, Spain and additional offices are located in Germany and India.

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