Successful cloud migrations require data management.

The cloud offers opportunities to utilize and profit from data that far outpace the capabilities of on-premises infrastructure. But many companies find migrating to the cloud is easier said than done. Daunting migration problems include understanding a company’s current data landscape, developing a migration strategy, and addressing new compliance, privacy, and security issues. They also involve knowing how to leverage the cloud to expand data access and accelerate discovery of monetizable insights.

To prepare for, manage, and successfully execute a cloud migration, companies need a trusted data management partner, like Infoverity, which has executed more than 750 migrations with clients all over the world.


A study by West Monroe Partners found that companies that prioritize data during an M&A transaction can achieve up to 50% more revenue growth than companies that do not.


Gartner has found that companies that implement effective data management strategies can reduce IT costs by up to 25% and increase operational efficiency by up to 30%


According to a study by McKinsey & Company, companies that prioritize data integration during an M&A transaction can achieve 30% more cost synergies than companies that neglect this aspect.


According to McKinsey, 56% of M&A deals fail to deliver the expected value due to issues with data management.

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