E-commerce managers need data management to reach consumers.

E-commerce managers face Herculean data challenges following the pandemic. Digital commerce has exploded over the past four years. Companies must find effective ways to attract customers with promotions and seamless online commerce platforms that ensure browsing leads to purchases.

Additionally, more companies are attempting to sell directly to consumers rather than rely on indirect, third-party channels to handle e-commerce demands. The only way to accomplish this, as well as to build the sophisticated models needed to understand consumer behavior and their product preferences is with high quality data management. This will provide a means to make recommendations and gather more information on activities and future outreach. Partnering with Infoverity on data management is a crucial step toward providing E-commerce managers with the data they need about consumers to provide personalized experiences..

On average

Digital commerce has reached mainstream adoption, with organizations reporting an average of 45% of their revenue being derived from digital commerce.

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