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Managed Services – Guided Ownership

“Help! I’m the owner of a newly implemented PIM solution and don’t know what to do with all these IT and business requests!”  Sound familiar?  Maybe a premonition to a phrase soon to be shouted in a couple months?  Managed Services could be the answer!  As part of an organization offering Managed Services for both Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM), we have a number of clients currently reaping the benefits from this partnership option to help keep their sanity.

The Benefits Shift

The Goal for Managed Services:  Partner with our customers to provide efficient and reliable support.  Whether it is a client who has implemented PIM or MDM within the last year or has been maintaining the solution longer (of which we work with both), each has their own limitations on resources and in-house product expertise.  We work with our clients to understand their level of comfort with their product solution and simply fill the gap.   Managed Services allows PIM or MDM owners to have monthly coverage from certified Infoverity resources, providing high value at a cost-effective price without the cost of a full time engagement.PIM_OWNERSHIP

One of the key strategies of Managed Services is enabling clients to continuously build up their internal knowledge base by working with our certified support team. Our hybrid approach truly benefits the partnership as we are able to increase client expertise in PIM and MDM and still have an ongoing relationship to help guide through the product roadmap. Having our team available to advise on best practices, future integration, upgrades, hosting needs and other general queries makes it easy to focus on improving the solution instead of spinning wheels maintaining it.

Client Experience

Current clients who rely on Managed Services to supplement their PIM and MDM needs have tailored agreements to suit their requirements, but all have similarities in how the partnership is structured:

  • Infoverity provides support for standard PIM or MDM configuration/functionality as well as Data Quality rules, BPM and Workflow for task management and Digital Asset Management.
  • Clients most often act as Tier 1 analysts, investigating any errors or issues that should arise on the surface. Should the issue be more challenging than they are able to handle, a ticket is submitted for our PIM and MDM experts to investigate. Our team works with our clients to not only identify the issue but resolve and provide knowledge transfer to increase their understanding of the product.
  • We currently support older versions of PIM and MDM, as well as the latest releases.
  • Quarterly service level assessments are held to ensure clients are comfortable with their level of support.

With PIM Managed Services, solution owners and stakeholders can rest assured their systems are running smoothly, build up in-house expertise, and plan for future needs with experts showing the way.  To learn more about our offerings, contact