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Global Provider of Educational Content, Technology, and Services Manages Product Data Efficiently with Infoverity and Informatica MDM – Product 360

By Steve Ruff, Director of Professional Services, Infoverity

An increasing number of customers across industry sectors are coming to Infoverity to leverage our deep expertise in Informatica MDM – Product 360 implementations. Infoverity provides technical expertise to our customers by providing custom workflow and usability enhancements to Informatica solutions that help in streamlining data maintenance processes and publish products to market faster.Students in Classroom

We recently completed a large project involving Informatica’s Product Information Management (PIM) Solution for a leading global provider of educational content, technology, and services. With the customization we provided, our customer can now simplify their business processes and manage their data more efficiently.

The company had many similar values among SKU properties; all maintained in Informatica MDM – Product 360. Due to the flexibility inherent in the Informatica’s PIM solution, Infoverity was able to develop new modules and create unique bulk copy/paste functionality. The customized solution we created that will not affect future upgrades to the Informatica’s PIM solution, allows users to perform a multi-select copy of attributes at the item, variant or product level, and then mass update to as many target product records that the user chooses. By doing this, Infoverity helped to improve the customer’s productivity significantly and simplify ongoing data maintenance. This multi-select copy/paste feature also extends to hierarchy classifications, references, and kits/bundles, allowing for even greater efficiencies in data maintenance for the PIM users.

The customization that we created is compatible with version 8 of the Informatica MDM – Product 360 (generally available now), and initial interest suggests that these features may be added to future product releases. We are proud of the impact made with this enhancement, and credit is due in part to our expert engineers in our St. Petersburg office, in particular, Mikhail Blagov.

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