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Onboarding Provider Data Sets in 30 Days: 3 Key Benefits For Hospital Mergers

There are 3 key benefits to accelerated onboarding of provider data for newly merged hospital and healthcare provider networks: 

  1. Cost reduction – Data process integration costs and the risks associated with hospital and practice acquisitions are reduced as fewer resources are taken away from operational tasks, regulations are followed and HIPAA compliance fees are reduced.  
  2. Insight – Data analytics provide insight into how mergers and acquisitions are affecting the healthcare enterprise as a whole, with the increased number of doctors, specialties, practices and areas of service.  
  3. Inclusion and collaboration – Data governance drives inclusion and collaboration among newly merged hospitals and practices. 

Infoverity onboards newly acquired provider data sets in 30 days with its FlexiFrame Provider Data Management (PDM) accelerator, a repeatable data on-boarding template and process.  

With the FlexiFrame PDM accelerator, Infoverity takes the decentralized, siloed provider data from disparate hospital and healthcare provider networks and loads all the provider data into a Master Data Management system, ensuring data quality across the enterprise and making it available to business users. Infoverity’s FlexiFrame PDM accelerator also governs the onboarding process with enterprise definitions and business rules. 

For a case study on FlexiFrame PDM for a multi-hospital health system, click here:  

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