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Testing- Don’t Wait, or it will be too late!

Has your business experienced:

  • Incomplete or new requirements surface during testing?
  • The need for the business to reengage to add detailed requirements?
  • Complaints by business or IT stakeholders of being uninvolved?

This can be avoided through a proper testing methodology; and testing is an essential process in any project success.

Infoverity has developed a project proven testing methodology called FlexiFrame. The testing Flexiframe is a unique project tested methodology that is able to be adjusted to many different business processes.  It is designed to engage testers early and often, employing multiple dry run iterations which lead to more complete testing deliverables.  The value of Infoverity’s testing FlexiFrame is to bring together the business and testing teams to a common solution.  We integrate our agile approach with your requirements early in the project to avoid common gaps that can occur during deployment.

Our methodology employs four simple but effective steps: Design, Build, Test, and Deploy.  The approach finds gaps in the requirements, test strategy and test plan that can be avoided.  It saves time, energy and ultimately money. Our proven methodology determines the critical path and the detailed steps to achieve success and meet project deadlines.

What are some components of the FlexiFrame Methodology?

  • Involvement of stakeholders and users early on
  • Over 300 test cases in our test libraryAgile Testing Execution
  • Library includes scripts adaptable to User Exits and Custom Code
  • Test cases are project ready
  • Visual workflow to illustrate key processes
  • Dashboard for tracking of defects/dependencies
  • Software independent
  • Efficiencies that reduce overall testing team
  • Structured and repeatable process
  • Dry run iterations in DEV reduce risk
  • User testing, training and preparation

Why do you need Infoverity’s FlexiFrame

We have proven experiences which led us to develop testing accelerators. We lead teams from within the business as well as IT. Employing all aspects of our FlexiFrame methodology reduces the unnecessary risk normally involved with testing. Our predefined templates and test cases will save time when creating test cases and accelerate the testing process.

Our methodology focuses on closing testing gaps as early as possible before a project reaches a critical milestone.  We are able to flex to your company needs and ultimately provide a more desirable outcome.

Our FlexiFrame Methodology is an essential tool that can be used during project planning, budgeting, staffing and delivery.  We provide answers to your unique challenges.  Employing the FlexiFrame methodology you will receive faster and more accurate results while reducing risk and reducing effort and cost.

If you have comments/questions or would like more information about how Infoverity’s Testing FlexiFrame can help you, please feel free to contact us!


Jessica Keller,