FlexiFrame® Provider Data Management (PDM)

Drive Provider Practice Growth and Patient Satisfaction

A lack of comprehensive, accurate provider data is a major challenge for practices and provider networks. Data must be compiled from multiple sources that vary in quality, accuracy, and data definitions. Health plans often rely on legacy systems, with data stored in multiple, disparate databases, lacking a single source of truth. Infoverity’s FlexiFrame® Provider Data Management accelerator can consolidate this disjointed provider information to create a single, accurate view of each physician in a provider network—which will reduce costs for health plans while ensuring patients have access to the highest quality providers.

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“One analysis estimated that commercial health plans and providers alone spend at least $2.1 billion annually to maintain their provider databases. It was estimated that 75% of those costs could be offset by integrating with an external source of truth..”

“Defining the Provider Data Dilemma” 2016 report from the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare

Infoverity FlexiFrame® PDM Benefits:

Single Source of Truth

Creates a single umbrella site for the entire health system

Increase Revenue

Better markets physician services across the Health Network which increases physician encounters and revenue

Decrease Costs

Decreases site support costs

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Reduces patient wait times and improves ease of scheduling

Before MDM:

Disjointed Find-a-Provider systems increase complexity and support costs for the entire health system.

After MDM:

Infoverity’s FlexiFrame® PDM accelerator establishes a single umbrella site for the entire health system.

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