FlexiFrame® Provider Data Management (PDM)

Increase M&A Speed to Value

For an M&A to be successful, data integration should be taken into account before the merger. This allows for accurate analysis of M&A
value, forecasting of performance, and within the potential acquisition, identification of higher margin services, new markets, and cross-sell offerings. Following a provider acquisition, a primary IT objective is to quickly provide centralized, consolidated, accurate, enriched, and de-duplicated provider data across the entire health system.

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Infoverity’s FlexiFrame PDM accelerator ensures accurate pre-merger analysis and efficient post-merger integration. It enables a merged organization to be immediately effective with purpose-built master data management (MDM) that supports success and reduces the potential risks associated with M&A data integration.

Infoverity FlexiFrame® PDM Business Benefits:

Increase efficiency

An understanding of current connectivity standards, APIs, databases and operating systems and the need for time-consuming custom coding is eliminated

Monitor M&A real value

Analytics allow for pre-through-post-merger reporting to monitor M&A value, performance, penetrate new markets, cross-sell offerings
and identification of higher margin services with potential acquisition

Increase revenue

Accurate and de-duplicated information provides a satisfying customer/patient experience and improved marketing ROI

Before MDM:

Disjointed Find-a-Provider between merged companies increases complexity and support costs for the entire health system, while reducing patient satisfaction and provider profitability.

After MDM:

Infoverity’s FlexiFrame® Provider Data Management (PDM) provides a single source of trusted data, reduces support costs, and increases patient satisfaction. Improved accuracy and efficiency in marketing of providers and services drives growth while speeding M&A returns.


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