FlexiFrame® Scanners for Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog – JBoss Data Virtualization

The FlexiFrame® JBoss Data Virtualization Scanner provides meta-data scanning of RedHat JBoss Data Virtualization to enhance Data Cataloging with insights from the Data Virtualization layer.

FlexiFrame® JBoss Data Virtualization Scanner supports RedHat JBoss version 6.4 and later. It supports and provides meta-data for common JBoss Data Virtualization features, such as:

  • Federated Databases, Views, Tables, Data Sources, Columns
  • Supports Description (comments) entered in JBoss Data Virtualization
  • Lineage relationships for Views to/from Views and Tables

FlexiFrame® JBoss Data Virtualization Scanner includes

  • FlexiFrame® Add-on for Informatica EDC (enables Informatica EDC to support JBoss Data Virtualization meta-data / data model)
  • FlexiFrame® Scan Module (extracts meta-data from JBoss Data Virtualization)

Infoverity develops a variety of FlexiFrame® Scanners to provide the ability to integrate additional data sources into Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog, this increases the value and visibility of data cataloging and lineage.

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