FlexiFrame® Configurator

Extend the Functionality of your PIM to Seamlessly Enable the Management of Complex Configurable Products

The FlexiFrame Configurator is a powerful data management tool that enables businesses to master configurable products within their existing Product Information Management (PIM) application.

Drive Business Value Through Infoverity’s FlexiFrame Configurator

To deliver the best customer experience, businesses must take full control of their product data.

1.Increase Customer Engagement

Enable the attention grabbing power of configurable products.

2.Reduce Data Management Cost and Complexity

Extend your existing PIM to avoid the cost of implementing a complicated CPQ system.

3.Increase Data Governance

All configurable product data is now stored in the PIM, rather than across various spreadsheets.

4.Decrease Product Time to Market

Streamline the creation and management of configurable products by not leaving the PIM.

Maximize Benefits Across Industries and PIMs

Let us help you understand how to best leverage configurable products to take your business to the next level.


Control your Configure to Order Product Data


Handle the Create Your Own Car Use Case with Ease


Provide Unique Customizable Products

Plug and Play Additions to the following PIMs:



Akeneo PIM


Stibo STEP

Product Lifecycle Platform Built and Delivered by Product Management Experts

Infoverity delivers a convenient solution to common Product Data needs.

Subscription Based Solution

Let Infoverity handle the heavy lifting.

Fixed Annual Cost

Lower initial cost, lower than custom development, unrestricted access, no per-user fees.

Ongoing Updates and Support

Updates to support new releases of our partner’s products.

Quarterly Release for New Features

Customer advisory council for input into new features.

Benefits of the FlexiFrame Configurator

Work within the existing PIM

Manage the configurable aspects of products without leaving the PIM.

Data Integrity

All data is stored in the PIM, utilizing its full Data Governance power.

Manage Configurable Attributes

Control Options, the configurable attribution on a product, and their associated Values.

Manage Validity Rules

Use the Options and Values to build logical rules that govern how a product is allowed to be configured.

Manage Bill of Materials Pricing

Set prices with the full flexibility of the PIM on Values, allowing each possible combination to have a dynamic price.

Manage Web Layouts

Guide the end-user experience by determining how, and in what order, the product is configured by customers.

Manage Configurations separately for different Sales Channels

Configurations, all the configurable aspects of a product, can be different for different sales channels.

Validate Configurations

Using the Options, Values, and Rules, configure a product and verify that the configurations are set up properly.

Sync – Pre-generate Valid Combinations

For use cases with a small number of valid combinations, Sync to create or update items, giving them the attribution of the configurable product as well as their unique combination of attributes.

SKU Creation on Demand

Solve the SKU Proliferation Problem for use cases with large numbers of valid combinations. Only when a particular combination is needed will the Configurator create it.

Infoverity’s FlexiFrame Configurator elevates your product information by enabling configurable products.

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