Digital Experience | Customer Experience

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Connector to Stibo Systems

Infoverity’s Pre-Built AEM Connector to Stibo Systems MDM Delivers the Enriched Master Data To Accelerate Success in Digital CX and eCommerce.

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Customer & Product Information Master Data Management

FlexiFrame® Deployment Automation for MDM Product 360

The FlexiFrame® Deployment Automation for MDM Product 360 completely removes the need for extracting information from a development environment to import to QA or production environments. Eliminate manual process steps to provide a significant gain in efficiency and improve governance.

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FlexiFrame MDM D&B Direct+ Connector for Enterworks

D&B solutions are dependent upon assumptions that the data will be there, and be fit-for-use to drive presentation of the content and deliver fluid experiences to customers.

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Data Governance | FlexiFrame® Scanners for Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog

JBoss Data Virtualization

The FlexiFrame® JBoss Data Virtualization Scanner provides meta-data scanning of RedHat JBoss Data Virtualization to enhance Data Cataloging with insights from the Data Virtualization layer.

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Data Governance | FlexiFrame® Governance – Readiness & Repository

Speed delivery, reduce effort, and begin to build centralized governance

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