Think Big, Execute Small

We address vital questions such as these at the beginning of your program to minimize risk and ensure your success:

  • How do I get started? What domain of information should go first?
  • Who are the dependent business stakeholders, and what do they stand to gain?
  • What is the return on investment, and when?
  • What impact will this program have on my IT infrastructure and staff?
  • How do I deploy my solution across global business units and processes?
  • What impact does the quality of my data today have on my chances for success?
  • What skills will be necessary to add to my team? Will these be additional resources? What does a data governance organization look like?

Our Most Important Contribution: Context

Infoverity has helped clients plan their information management initiatives by establishing a three-tiered contextual relationship among:

  • The program phases, timetables, scope and deliverables
  • The sponsoring and dependent business imperatives’ timing and priority
  • The supporting IT units of work, timing, scope and deliverables