Our Operational Services Support

Infoverity Operational Services provides your organization with ITSM Application Support focused on request, incident, problem, and change management. The Infoverity Operational Services model provides the flexibility to “right-size” support based on business and program needs, and includes:

  • Comprehensive technical and user support
  • Monitoring and issue resolution with inbound/outbound data feeds
  • Hotfix, Quick Fix Engineering updates (QFE) and minor patch applications
  • User and role security management
  • Minor enhancements and configuration changes to your system

Our Managed Services Hosting

Infoverity is committed to delivering high-quality Hosting solutions to our customers and partners. In the event that you need a Hosted Infrastructure to support your application solution, Infoverity has an answer. All hosting options are single tenant with high availability and scalable to meet your current and future needs.

Our Hosted Managed Services Environments Include:

  • One-stop resolution of issues: root cause identification, fix/resolution advice, necessary configuration changes to resolve system/hardware related failures
  • Facilitated change management and administration actives related to the hosted infrastructure
  • Monthly infrastructure health check and monitoring
  • Management of user access and controls
  • System monitoring
  • Management of system backups and data retention

Benefits of Infoverity’s Operational Services

  • Reduce your application administration, support and hardware costs
  • Stable and identifiable costs over a longer term
  • Respond quickly to spikes in demand for business user support of your newly deployed solution
  • Scale infrastructure and services across the supported environment
  • Strategically allocate existing staff and internal resources to business-facing value delivery rather than technology support
  • Grow your internal capabilities at your own pace without sacrificing your users’ experience
  • Reduce the costs and risk of depending on a newly hired support team for administering the new production environment
  • Minimize employee administration and oversight (management, training, hiring, retention)
  • Measurable service levels across supported functions