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MDM and PIM Market Trends to Watch in 2018

Infoverity’s practice leads recently weighed in on MDM and PIM Market Trends to Watch in 2018.  Here’s what they predict is on the horizon:

“With a growing number of customer facing platforms and applications, the need to have clean and consistent product information propagated across numerous interaction points will become paramount. Having a consolidated internal view of all product offerings and being able to deliver a standardized look and feel for customers will allow them to engage on various interfaces while still maintaining the same level of quality and a positive customer experience across company channels.”  Nic Prellwitz, Managing Consultant

“Continuing into 2018, companies will be competing more than ever on customer experiences, both digitally and in-store. Consistency across channels and personalization are a requirement for today’s connected consumers, with rich product data and predictive product offerings being a key to bolstering customer loyalty. ” Steve Ruff, Director, Product Solutions Group, Infoverity

“In 2018, companies will continue to leverage MDM to triangulate a customer’s identity as they interact at arms length -digitally, physically or even with the competition.  Omnichannel commerce offers constant hints at preferences and affinity that retailers should be leveraging to convert sales and extend loyalty. Successful MDM implementations in 2018 will blend internal, external and unstructured data points and turning loose trigger based engagement models that capitalize on the insight.”  Adam Sigg, Director, Customer Solutions Group, Infoverity

“By the end of 2018, machine learning and AI will be a component of 75% of our Business Intelligence projects. In 2018, companies that implement a Data Catalog to search and find business data will increase the productivity of data scientists and analysts by 60%. By the end of 2018, integration of a natural language processor (think Alexa or Google) will be a component of all of the Enterprise Information Roadmaps that we develop for our clients. ”  Joe Leithauser, Director, Data Govrnance and Analytics, Infoverity

What are your predictions?  We’d love to get your thoughts and comments.  Contact us here.