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M&A Activity at Multi-Hospital Health System Prompts Need for Centralized Provider Data Management (PDM) Solution

by Andy Crago, Managing Consultant, Infoverity

A multi-hospital health system serving patients across central Pennsylvania was faced with the common Provider Data Management (PDM) challenges that follow any health system merger or acquisition. Provider master data was siloed in multiple systems that made it difficult for data to be shared at the health system level, including all partner network entities and physician groups. There was also the need for provider data to be validated for accuracy and consolidated into a single, centralized PDM system to increase marketing capabilities, speed-to-market and patient satisfaction.  

In addition, each of the hospital’s transactional and analytical insights were siloed, presenting the following challenges for the merger: 

  • An inability to see physicians linked to practice location relationships
  • An inability to see physician to hospital/physician group/affiliation relationships
  • The need for de-duplication and one physician master list 
  • An inability to provide self-service analytics and easily share data assets 
  • No catalog or inventory of data assets across the hospital network 

To address these challenges, the merged hospital network wanted to grow their data governance organization, spreading ownership to create transparency and a shared responsibility for treating data as an asset.  

Infoverity’s FlexiFrame™ Provider Data Management (PDM) Accelerator

Infoverity worked closely with the hospital network’s internal IT team to deploy Infoverity’s FlexiFrame™ Provider Data Management (PDM) Accelerator which is based on the successful, rapid implementation of provider data management solutions for many of our healthcare customers.                             

Infoverity’s FlexiFrame™ PDM provided: 

  • A product roadmap to provide iterative value across the healthcare domains (provider, employee, location, patient, and reference data)
  • A health system-wide physician master list from 14 provider data sources across multiple hospitals
  • Data on-boarding agility and efficiencies 
  • Improved cross-functional reporting & analytical rollups 
  • Defined and stored classification of each physician’s relationships to a Location/Facility 
  • Data governance definitions and foundational policies
  • Establishment of a data governance committee 
  • Enhanced Find-a-Provider search & marketing, leading to increased patient satisfaction
  • Enriched, standardized and improved data quality 
  • A Find-a-Provider website with an enriched, deduplicated, standardized feed of mastered Provider Data
  • Improved operational and executive reporting data sources 


Infoverity’s FlexiFrame™PDM accelerator provides accurate, enriched, and de-duplicated
Physician HCP and HCO data. This drives improved processes and data availability across the
hospital network with these added benefits:

  • Improved patient satisfaction and marketing to patients 
  • Extended provider/services listing
  • Reduced cost/effort to marketing
  • Increased patient encounters ($$$)
  • Implementation of enterprise data definitions
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Improved quality care rankings
  • Informed executive decision making
  • Increased M&A agility
  • Improved data governance in new hospital or practice inclusion

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