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Infoverity Joins The IT Job Market

June 1, 2011: Infoverity, LLC has joined the Ohio information technology market, bringing with it all of the excitement
that comes with an emerging business and all of the credibility that comes with 16 years’ experience in professional
services. Matt Wienke, a graduate of the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University (Bloomington), has long
recognized the importance of combining experience with fresh opportunities. “I sit back sometimes and think about the
changes in information technology just in the last 20 years,” says Wienke. “Where the power of integrated systems was
supposed to make it easier to make decisions, large volumes of data and conflicting reference points actually slow
decisions down. Today, competitive advantages are won or lost by the ability of a business to manage information

Before founding Infoverity, Wienke was a senior manager in a much larger consulting firm based out of Cleveland. As
that company faced economic turmoil that eventually culminated in a multi-million dollar tax lien from the IRS and a
petition for bankruptcy by the company’s UK arm, Wienke’s division stayed strong and viable. When he learned that the
Secretary of State had cancelled his employer’s Articles of Incorporation, Wienke determined to turn lemons into

“I have always been successful in the enterprise market because I treat my customers the same way I want to be treated,”
espouses Wienke. Loyalty, commitment and integrity are not the goal to seek – they are the foundation from which to


From 2005 through 2007, Matt Wienke served as a Regional Director for a global information technology consulting firm,
during which time he successfully built a team of IT and business solutions experts around a number of key accounts.
From 2007, Matt led that firm’s Enterprise Information Management practice, which was focused on solutions designed to
help clients define, manage and govern information as a vital organizational asset. In this position, Matt was responsible
for associates and clients nationally. Matt’s experience includes operational data integration, data warehousing,
application development, and packaged software solution implementations.

Matt has spent the last 10 years immersed in the application of new business process models, technologies and disciplines
that improve visibility to vital information assets within complex environments to reduce costs, increase operational
efficiency, manage risk, and improve profits.

Prior to 2005, Matt was incorporated with Infinis, Inc. as a senior manager in their Customer Intelligence and Corporate
Performance Management practices and was a member of Arthur Andersen Business Consulting in Columbus through the
late 1990’s.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University at
Bloomington. He has also been active on the board of the Central Ohio Chapter of the international non-profit Data
Management Association since 2006. Matt is an active public speaker and contributor to professional publications.

For more information on Infoverity, please feel free to contact Matt Wienke at