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Infoverity Featured in Partner Webinar “Confidence in Customer Data From Day One”

We’re pleased to have Infoverity’s Ryan Hartley join Ajay Khanna at Reltio and Patti Lang, an Infoverity customer and data management expert, in today’s webinar entitled  “Account 360:  Confidence in Customer Data from Day One“:

Master Data is the foundational information on customers, vendors and prospects that must be shared across all internal systems and applications in an enterprise.  Enterprises are faced with the question of how to strengthen the master view of their most important data, and how to enrich that data with automatic integration to Dun & Bradstreet data to grow your customer views from zero knowledge to excellent insights and actionable content.

Join this webinar to hear Reltio’s Ajay Khanna, Infoverity’s Ryan Hartley and data management expert Patti Lang share:

  • Best practices from Infoverity and our Dun and Bradstreet roadmap to success
  • Strategies for incorporating Dun and Bradstreet into your mastered customer view
  • How organizations have grown operationally and analytically using Dun & Bradstreet integration
  • How contextual hierarchies reveal relevant information
  • Speed to deployment and speed to value with Reltio’s solution around common entities with a master view using matching, cleansing and hierarchy management components.  


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