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Infoverity completes IDQ upgrade for client in Financial Services Industry

Infoverity has successfully completed the installation, configuration and upgrade of Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) processes for a company in the financial services industry.  The migration of IDQ processes was planned and executed by Infoverity as part of a full Informatica upgrade project.


A migration plan was developed to upgrade IDQ 8.6.2 to 9.5.1 with existing mappings and reference data.  The mappings included standard out-of-the-box rules and reference data by Informatica as well as customized functionality.  The migration process and new functionality in IDQ 9.5.1 were documented by Infoverity for the client.

Upgrade Path

Mappings and reference data used in 8.6.2 were identified by working with the client and upgraded to 9.0.1 using an Informatica migration utility.  Mappings were validated and an in-place upgrade was performed to bring mappings and reference data to 9.5.1.  Once the upgrade was completed, the mappings were modified to replicate the existing core functionality that existed in 8.6.2.


Differences in functionality between IDQ 8.6.2 and 9.5.1 required modification of mappings post-upgrade.  Sample datasets were used to test mappings before and after the upgrade.  IDQ components which existed in 8.6.2 but were deprecated in 9.5.1 were recreated using various transformations in 9.5.1.  Mapping functionality consisted of address parsing, standardization using reference tables and validation using Address Doctor data.

Integration with PowerCenter

Once modification of IDQ mappings was completed, the mappings were unit tested within IDQ and integration tested in PowerCenter to ensure the existing mapping functionality was retained.  Test scripts were developed by Infoverity to validate the processes.


The upgrade plan was successful in migrating and deploying IDQ processes in the client’s Development, Test and Production environments.  Mappings which utilized Address Cleansing and Validation were migrated and modified to retain core functionality and integrate with PowerCenter 9.5.1.