What Testing FlexiFrame® Provides For Your Deployment

  • Project management dashboard includes testing progress, defect status and provides the various metrics like testing productivity, test case design productivity, and defect analysis.
  • Experienced testing leadership and management through execution, defect management, re-testing and sign-off.
  • Education to your technical and business testers for how to approach testing and creating and execution comprehensive test scripts

The Testing FlexiFrame® Includes:

  • More than 300 test scenarios in 15 functional categories
  • Task ownership by role and activity across five work streams, complete with work plan templates and deliverables
  • Workflows illustrating key project processes and hand-offs
  • Test status dashboards to highlight status and escalate issue among stakeholders

Accessing The Infoverity Testing Portal (ITP)

The Infoverity Testing Portal (ITP) is an online reporting solution for managing the testing process from the beginning to the end of a project. The core functionality is to allow for testers, clients and project teammates a centralized view of the testing status on a particular project.