Break Down Barriers with a Design FlexiFrame®

Infoverity’s Design FlexiFrame® is the foundation of a cross-functional process and integration design framework for mastering, editing and querying master data assets.

The Design FlexiFrame® includes:

  • Business and Systems Interaction Models depicting the interactions among functional stakeholders and systems
  • Accountability matrices aligning personnel to roles and tasks in the creation, editing, and querying of master records
  • Prototypes to overlay functional tasks, system integration inputs/outputs, and attributes in context throughout the information life cycle
  • Functional and technical design specifications
  • Integration into Infoverity’s Testing FlexiFrame® solution

The Benefits of a FlexiFrame®

Infoverity’s Design FlexiFrame® provides benefits across your Information Management program, including:

  • Faster business buy-in and solution delivery
  • Reduced errors and change orders
  • Improved budget accuracy
  • Smoother implementation
  • Better adoption within your organization

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