FlexiFrame® Governance – Readiness & Repository

Infoverity’s FlexiFrame® Governance – Readiness & Repository provides clients with a quick-to-value solution supporting Data Governance and Master Data Readiness projects.

By leveraging FlexiFrame® Governance, clients are able to speed delivery, reduce effort, and begin to build centralized governance within their organization.

FlexiFrame® Governance provides users with an easy-to-use platform to:

  • Create and collect Readiness Assessments
    • Elicit feedback from teams before beginning 
  • Catalog and Maintain Governance Repositories
    • It is lightweight, making it easy to use to collect details
  • Enables Governance teams to introduce the concepts of centralized governance
    • Easy to use platform, helping their internal users begin to quickly see value

FlexiFrame® Governance is a web-based tool, available hosted or on-premises, which allows for instant enablement and access. It enhances collaboration by eliminating emailed spreadsheets, increases quality by reducing data entry, and enables collaboration to help gather participation from the right people in the organization.