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Columbus Arts Ball 2012 is a Success

August 14, 2012 – The Columbus Arts Ball 2012 occurred Saturday, August 11th, entertaining over 500 guests while supporting the Autism Society of Central Ohio.  The event is the brainchild of Infoverity Senior Consultant Ryan Hartley, and is an annual fundraiser that benefits local charities while celebrating creativity in fashion, artistic expression, and music.  The event  was emceed by Monica Day of NBC4, Dimitrious Stanley of ABC6 and Derek Grosso of CYP Club.  It included live music by No Regrets and RockWeilers, performance ‘street art’ by Columbus native Giovanni Santiago, artwork for sale by Columbus artists and autistic children, a silent auction, and a fashion show featuring clothing concepts from Nyemadi Williams.

 “The 2012 Columbus Arts Ball was a great success! We’ve definitely found a great formula for this event, integrating our city’s playful and creative side with philanthropy awareness into a memorable event that gives back to the local community.  It was great seeing everyone come out to the event in their amazing outfits and masks,” Ryan Hartley said.

“We were thrilled to partner with such an amazing cause. The Autism Society of Central Ohio is not well-funded locally and the issue of autism itself has been a growing problem nationally, with 1 in 88 children nationwide being diagnosed with Autism. The Columbus Arts Ball definitely accomplished its goals of bringing awareness to the community about autism and what the Autism Society of Central Ohio does,” Hartley added.

Infoverity President Matt Wienke remarked, “We’re really proud of Ryan’s success with this event.  He has put a lot of hard work and time into it and we’re very happy to see it be so well-received by the community.  Ryan is an example of what can be achieved when someone with great planning and coordination skills applies them to help others.  It’s an example for all of us.  We look forward to supporting Ryan and the Columbus Arts Ball in 2013.”

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