Turn Big Data into Smart Commerce

The rate of global data growth suggests that stored data will grow 50x by the end of this decade. Yet, our expectations as consumers are for faster, more responsive interactions with our service providers, employers and peers. What is velocity without accuracy?

Long-Term, Reliable Information Management Solutions for Businesses

Infoverity’s business solutions help our clients make higher velocity decisions, with more confidence, across an information supply chain more diverse than ever. Our solutions deliver vital context to business stakeholders who make a difference in their companies every day. We offer solution accelerators and practical, proven experience that help our clients see a complete 360-degree view of Customer, Supplier, Product and Financial information to streamline operations and analysis.

Making It Easier For Your Customer To Do Business With You


Single view of the customer/household for customer service efficiency, fraud protection and improved ordering experience


Consistent product taxonomies across order channels to simplify customer ordering, substitutions and bundling


Integrate with widely accepted third-party reference data, such as InfoUSA, D&B and UNSPSC, for hierarchy views that make sense to customers and customer service associates