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How Does BPM Fit With Informatica PIM?

Informatica PIM (Product Information Management) is a critical component to help companies improve the accuracy and efficiency of their product information lifecycle. Informatica PIM helps organizations create and maintain enriched data for their products, enabling them to deliver accurate and timely data to consumers, and provide outbound channels with accurate information which helps drive more business for the company.

Business Process Modeling (BPM) enables organizations to adapt to a standard business process across platforms and teams. BPM products help optimize business processes by providing tools to model your business processes and integrate your solutions.

Integrating the ability of BPM to automate business processes with Informatica PIM enables companies to reduce manual handoffs, increase data quality of product information, and decrease overall time to release new products.

What’s new for Informatica PIM users?

Informatica PIM users have long had the ability to create automated workflows with an integrated BPM engine built around jBPM engine. Those workflows however required an amount of custom Java development, and did not take full advantage of the jBPM capabilities. Now however, with Informatica PIM 7.1, BPM becomes a first-class citizen with the integration of ActiveVOS. Informatica PIM integration with the ActiveVOS BPM solution enables business to manage the flow of production information more effectively.

By coupling ActiveVOS with Informatica PIM’s new and improved REST APIs, it becomes possible to easily build out those powerful business workflow processes. Some examples of these capabilities are:

  • Increase time to focus on information understanding by reducing time spent on manual flow of information through the product lifecycle
  • Creating, assigning and managing tasks for users to keep the product information flowing
  • Improving and integrating data quality into the information flow by executing Informatica Data Quality (IDQ) rules and maplets
  • Continue to increase the value of existing Service-Oriented-Architecture investments by integrating PIM processes with other enterprise services and applications
  • Include other teams in the Product Information process by using ActiveVOS Central and ActiveVOS Screenflow to provide users with browser-based access to manage tasks and processes.

ActiveVOS provides Informatica PIM with a rich platform on which it’s possible to build robust BPM solutions. It offers great scalability to handle enterprise-scale loads by supporting standard Java Enterprise Edition servers (including Oracle® Web Logic Server®, IBM® WebSphere® Application Server, JBoss® Application Server or Apache Tomcat).


How is Infoverity seeing Informatica PIM impacted by ActiveVOS?

Infoverity is the one of the only system integrators globally to have successfully designed and built BPM workflows with the new ActiveVOS integrated with the latest Informatica PIM offering. We’re seeing great up-take of the new capabilities provided by ability to couple Informatica PIM and ActiveVOS.

The solutions our clients are asking for and we’re building for them are taking full advantage of the new features. We have clients using this powerful combination of Informatica PIM and ActiveVOS to manage the flow and quality of product information across their multi-national product teams. We have clients who are taking advantage of the combination of browser-based access and web service capabilities to build multi-team workflow processes that are eliminating inefficient manual paper processes.

We would challenge companies to ask themselves these questions to see if Informatica PIM and ActiveVOS might be a fit for them:

  • Do you have manual processes or checkpoints in your product information flow?
  • Do you want to add automated data quality (standardization, cleansing) into your product information flow?
  • Do you need to include disparate teams or geographically separated teams in your product information flow?
  • Do you want to integrate your product information flow with other enterprise systems in a service-oriented approach?

Learn more about the feature offerings and benefits of ActiveVOS at Informatica BPM.

 Reshmi Rajan, Sr. Consultant

Scott Campbell, Managing Consultant